Tom Donnelly’s Turned Wood

Handcrafted Bowls, Vases, Platters and More

Tom transforms a basic log into beautiful turned wood bowls, vases, platters, boxes, candlesticks and other pieces that are both decorative and functional.

The Process of Turned Wood

It all starts with a log. In most cases, Tom obtains his wood from friends, family and neighbors that are taking down trees on their property. He then cuts the large logs into smaller, workable pieces and utilizes the natural properties and features of each type of wood to bring out the beauty hidden within. Tom uses a wood lathe and specialized turning gouges to turn rough forms, refine those forms and create the final piece. After turning the wood, Tom sands the wood and finishes it with oils, waxes or lacquers.

Featured Works

Spalted Hackberry
Woodturning combines the natural beauty of the wood with the form of the finished piece.
Spalted Ash
This Ash platter's unique design comes from natural fungi that create stunning coloration in the wood grain.
Oval White Oak Platter
Tom often turns his wood 'green'; that is, when it's still wet. As it dries, the wood moves, causing changes in shape and form.
Cherry Vase
Cherry's color and natural grains make the wood one of Tom's favorites.

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