Tumbling Petals (SOLD)

About This Project

“Tumbling Petals” is one of my series of computer circuit board jewelry. As a veteran of many Silicon Valley start-ups, I love the idea of merging art and technology…and this series of jewelry does just that!


“Tumbling Petals” is a play in contrast and connection. The soft, organic petals of the tumbling flower petals contrast against the hard, precise inorganic circuit board. The magenta and white of the petals pop against the dark green of the board.


Creating the treasures in this series has been an absolute delight. The circuit boards have been cut into different shapes and encased with a hand-formed and soldered copper bezel. Each circuit board pendant is artfully collaged with graphic, cured slices of polymer clay canes. The final polymer collage is then enrobed and domed with a thick layer of crystal-clear, jewelry-grade resin. The resin permanently affixes the elements to the circuit board but also magnifies the imagery in the collage. The final result is STUNNING.


1-¾"H x ½" W



Circuit Board Jewelry
circuit board, floral, mixed media, polymer clay, recycled, upcycled