Ornate Gear Copper Pendant

About This Project

“Ornate Gear” combines two textured, domed copper pieces into a single, beautiful pendant.


The larger dome is impressed with an ornate floral flourish reminiscent of Deco days. Its brilliant red and brown hues are completely natural, a result of heat-treating the copper. It is lightly waxed and hand-buffed.


The smaller dome is impressed with a gear and has a black patina. The raised areas have been buffed to reveal the copper below the aging, giving the dome more depth and character.


The two domes have been attached together with a brass bolt. The hanging bail is attached to the end of the bolt, and the construction of the pendant allows it to spin. You SHOULD play with your jewelry!


This warm and wonderful pendant showcases the natural beauty of copper and is both rustic and sophisticated at the same time!


1-7/16" Diameter