Little Cherry Bowl #2


5-1/4" Diameter x 2-1/2" High



About This Project

This little cherry bowl has great grain that has been accentuated by the food-grade mineral oil finish. On the side of the bowl, the grain patterns remind me of a little lobster with its claws stretched out. Cute! This is a lovely piece that can be used for every day or as a special place to put your most prized trinkets! It’s perfect as a snack bowl or to serve your guests a little sweet treat! And how sweet it is! Use it or show it…it’s both beautiful and functional!


Cherry’s lovely color and grain and its smooth finish makes it one of Tom’s favorite woods to turn. The natural red color and fine, almost iridescent grain also make it one of the most collectible and desirable woods for functional and decorative turned pieces.


This hand-turned Cherry bowl is 5-¼” in diameter by 2-½” high.