Heart of Silicon


1-15/16" H x 1" W

Circuit Board Jewelry
circuit board, floral, heart, love, polymer clay, recycled, romantic, upcycled
About This Project

“Heart of Silicon” is one of my new series of jewelry featuring computer circuit boards. As a veteran of many Silicon Valley start-ups, I love the idea of merging art and technology…and this series of jewelry does just that!


At the ‘heart’ of this piece is a solid copper heart that has been heated with a torch to produce that wonderful red. The heart has also been hand-textured and riveted to the upcycled circuit board back. The magenta and white striated polymer clay flower petals are wafting down through the pendant. These petals have been created using millefiori–similar to the method used to create Venetian glass beads.


“Heart of Silicon” is also a play in contrast and connection. The soft, organic petals of a flower and the brilliant red heart against the hard, precise inorganic circuit board. Organic meets inorganic, soft meets hard.