Ghost in the Machine

About This Project

“Ghost in the Machine” makes me think of the potential for something unexpected and alive within the lines of code, the circuits, the inorganic/manmade nature of technology. The tiny face and flower petals amidst the lines of the circuit board…the idea of a Ghost in the Machine has been a theme in Sci-Fi for some time. This pendant pays homage to that idea.


It is also a play in contrast: the soft, organic petals of a flower and the tiny portrait on faux ivory next to the black and white ‘current’, and both against the hard, precise inorganic backdrop of the circuit board. The magenta and white on the petals pop against the translucent green of the board and contrast against the black and white streams and bobbles. The domed, jewelry-grade crystal resin brightens, encases and slightly magnifies the layers, giving the pendant depth and additional visual interest. The circuit board itself is translucent, its depth of color changing with the clothes you wear.


1" Round

Circuit Board Jewelry
circuit board, floral, polymer clay, recycled, Squam Lakes Artisans Gallery, upcycled, woman