Custom Stamped Copper and Leather Bracelet – “Wishes”


5" Bracelet with 3" chain - one size fits most

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About This Project

These custom stamped copper and leather bracelets allow you to view your motivation or inspiration all day, every day. Live. Love. Laugh. Dream. Breathe. Inspire. Faith. Hope. Joy. Believe. Embrace. Strong. Family. Your name! Wear one or more every day to remind you of the ideas that are close to your heart. Give an inspiration to your favorite Valentine! I call them “Wishes” to showcase what motivates you…what you aspire to.

Wishes bracelets are handmade of smooth leather in a variety of colors. The sayings are all hand forged from pure copper, and stamped with various fonts and images. Each Wish is then heated with a torch to naturally color the copper with a fiery, deep red hue and then aged to bring out the stamped sayings and give it a more rustic look. Each one-of-a-kind bracelet is then finished using copper rivets and decorative ends. The copper lobster claw and chain accommodates a variety of wrist sizes. (See the photo for a tip on securing the bracelet without help!)

You’ll love this bracelet for yourself or as a gift for someone you love or admire. Inspire or motivate someone!

I have a rainbow of colors to choose from. You can also specify if you want some ornamentation in the beginning/end of the phrase (see photos for examples). Ornaments include:
– Star
– Flower
– Heart
– Double Heart
– Breast Cancer Ribbon
– Smiley Face
– Hashtag

PERSONALIZATION: Specify the phrase you’d like stamped on the copper plate. Type in your phrase exactly the way you want it stamped:
– lowercase: love you
– Title Case: Love You

Each bracelet is 5″ long with a 3″ adjustment chain. This fits most people.