CUSTOM Hand-Illustrated Pendant – Colored Pencil on Copper

About This Project

Our pets give us such love and joy. I lost my beloved Jasmine in February, and as a tribute to her, I created an illustration of her on copper and mounted the portrait on my signature up-cycled circuit board. It was the start of a new series of art jewelry to wear.


As I started making more of these pendants, I kept getting the question, “Do you make custom pieces?” The answer (now) is YES! I do!


My colored-pencil renderings are drawn on pure copper and mounted on recycled circuit board. As you can see from the examples, the drawn images are ‘cartoon-like’ representations of the beloved pets. I try to capture the essence of the animal. The illustrations are sweet portraits of the animal…representations of their beauty and personality. They are not meant to be photographic depictions…they are artistic renderings of your pet.


I use a special, multi-step process to prep the copper surface to accept the colored pencil illustration. I hand-draw the decorative elements with rich layers of artist-grade pencils. I then seal the image with several coats of a satin acrylic finish.


The focal image is then mounted using rivets to an up-cycled circuit board. The use of the recycled circuit board material has been an ongoing theme for me–I am from Silicon Valley, and I meld my art with my background / roots in the hi-tech marketplace.


The focal image is approximately 1-¼” square, and the final piece is approximately 1-½” square. The pendant is on a coated steel wire choker cable with a magnetic clasp. You choose the choker length–15″, 16″, 18″ or 20″. It’s easy to put on and wear.


Note that while this has been sealed, you need to use care to ensure that the image doesn’t get scratched.


How it Works

  • Order your pendant including choosing the necklace length.
  • After you place your order, I will contact you and you will send me a high-quality color photo of the pet. The rendering will be a “head shot” or facial expression of the pet. I will crop the photo and I will ensure that the ‘head shot’ is acceptable to you. The actual image is small, so full-body renderings will not be a good representation of the pet.
  • Depending on demand, it can take up to 2 weeks after we settle on the photo and cropping for me to complete the portrait. I’ll give you an idea of the turn-around time when we finalize the image.
  • I will ship the final product to you or to someone you designate.
  • I only ship to the U.S. at this time. Sorry, no International orders.


Sorry, custom orders are non-refundable after work has begun. Please use the “Order on Etsy” link to order a custom pendant!


1-1/2" Square

Dogs, Illustrated Pendants
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