Boston Terrier Hand-Illustrated Pendant – “Oreo”

About This Project

Boston Terriers have soul. Their little, squishy faces, piercing (and sometimes wonky) eyes, and lolling tongues express what’s going on inside that smart head.


Oreo the Boston Terrier pup is expressing…well, if you’ve seen this look, you KNOW what it means! Oreo is the newest in my collection of hand-illustrated portraits using colored pencil on pure copper, mounted on recycled / up-cycled circuit board.


I use a special, multi-step process to prep the copper surface to accept the colored pencil illustration. I hand-draw the decorative elements with rich layers of artist-grade pencils. I then seal the image with several coats of a satin acrylic finish.


The focal image is then mounted using rivets to an up-cycled circuit board. The use of the recycled circuit board material has been an ongoing theme for me—I am from Silicon Valley, and I meld my art with my background / roots in the hi-tech marketplace.


The focal image is approximately 1-¼” square, and the final piece is approximately 1-½” square. The pendant is on a 18″ coated steel wire choker cable with a magnetic clasp. It’s easy to put on and wear.


1-1/2" Square

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